Did you know?

Did you know that thanks to the support of thousands of CPAs, companies and firms, the Foundation has awarded $2 million in scholarships, awards and grants to some 1,400 students and future CPAs, Ph.D. students and CPA professors across Quebec in the last four years?

Since August 31, 2012

$2 million
in scholarships


Saviez-vous que?

Saviez-vous que depuis quatre ans la Fondation a remis plus de 2 millions de dollars en bourses, prix d'excellence et subventions à quelque 1 400 étudiants, futurs CPA, doctorants et professeurs CPA de partout au Québec, et ce, grâce au soutien de milliers de CPA, d'entreprises et de cabinets?

Depuis le 31 août 2012

2 M$
en bourses
1 400


Your support makes all the difference!

As a father of three kids, dedicating myself full time to my studies and my family was just a dream. However, thanks to a Foundation scholarship, I will be able to take a break from my job so that I can start a full-time graduate accounting program. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help!

Sébastien Lord
Undergraduate scholarship